2013 has been one of the most productive fishing years I (Chris) have had in my 34 years.  New techniques, new teachers, new friends, and new adventures.  Now its getting colder and my shoulder hurts from casting so much over so many months that its time for a break, but not a break from rock n roll. We will be in Greenville, SC, Charlotte, NC, And Columbia, SC in November.  Plus in early 2014 we will have a new 7" record that sees our sound developing into new directions.   I hope you are all well out there.
Wrigley Field, Venue was right across the street
Greenville, SC...Chicago, IL. ...Bay City, MI....October 4th, 5th, and 6th.   This trip was a blast!  We played well and had fun.  The band got to meet some of my friends that I had not seen in years and we came home in the black which is insane for how much driving we did.  We ate sandwiches a lot.  Chuck felt like shit a lot of the time but trooped right along.  I didn't break any strings.  Josh actually liked all the drum kits he played on at each stop.  Three dudes in a Honda CRV with a bunch of amps driving for 30 hours,  and no one killed anyone.  I think this group is a winner.   We will letcha know when we get back on the road.  Until then, keep the rod tips up or you'll lose the fish.

Under the Elevated Transit in Chicago
Hell's Half Mile in Bay City, MI
Fishin' on a Sunday with a good buddy Jeremy "Toe" Burt...He whipped me good today.  He swiped 13 from the whitewater today around the West Columbia Lock.  I got seven lil' guys.  The topwater popper action is hot when they feed the top. If you see them start hitting the top around here after bugs and small minnows just switch up to a topwater popper lure and have a blast!!  The Best Part!!!....Jeremy threw his damn rod in the water before he caught any of these fish and as it sailed down stream and began to sink.   I thought our day was over.  I mean, no way was I gonna stay and fish and make him watch me or just trade off one rod over and over. But alas, before I even knew what had happened, there was a trail consisting of his wallet, cell phone, shirt, shoes and socks on the ground all the way to the shore and he was swimming in current to retrieve the lost rod.  I thought it would be a fruitless effort,  but damn if he didn't surface in the current with his fishing pole and then proceed to skunk me on fish caught!!!  He earned those fish he caught today hardcore like!
Below are my Mom (Sandy), Dad (Stan), and my Sister (Erin) along with myself (Chris).  The photographer was Trenton, my nephew, who btw caught a nice lil' sand shark on our trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Good times!  Love
This is one of my biggest so far this year.  But there are many bigger ones making their way upriver soon.
All along the banks of the Congaree are great views of nature juxtaposed with old architecture.

       This spring has quickly become one of my best seasons of fishing in a long time.  Along the Congaree River around May (Mother's Day is the when it really heats up) the striped bass population start making an upriver voyage to mate.  The little ones come first and the longer you go fish them, you'll notice that for a month or two the bigger ones start coming up the river as well.  They fight hard on the line and they are just beautiful.  I always release them. 
      I have tried to consistently be out there day after day, and it has paid off.  I have fought some real lunkers.  I HAVE had days where I get nothing but a nibble, but just being out there in the S.C. woods is prize enough.   
     We, The Fishing Journal band, have had an excellent first year or so at this crazy endeavor.  We averaged a show a month, put out a vinyl EP, started recording for another one, and even gotten some national press!

                                 Keep on listenin' and fishin' y'all.   xoxo  Chris Powell  of  The Fishing Journal
            Check it out!! ( http://www.indiemusicreviewer.com/the-fishing-journal-self-titled-ep/

The Fishing Journal gets some love in Jasper Magazine!!
Jasper Magazine recently included The Fishing Journal's self-titled EP in their stellar article on the nostalgia of vinyl records (article by Kyle Petersen).  The article is in volume #1/issue #2 of the publication.  Go get one!!! Also inside are articles with Columbia S.C.'s visual arts heavy-hittters and other movers and shakers about town.  They got this issue right on the money!!!


Lots of shows coming up!!!!!!  Good stuff.  Been waitin for this.