Fishin' on a Sunday with a good buddy Jeremy "Toe" Burt...He whipped me good today.  He swiped 13 from the whitewater today around the West Columbia Lock.  I got seven lil' guys.  The topwater popper action is hot when they feed the top. If you see them start hitting the top around here after bugs and small minnows just switch up to a topwater popper lure and have a blast!!  The Best Part!!!....Jeremy threw his damn rod in the water before he caught any of these fish and as it sailed down stream and began to sink.   I thought our day was over.  I mean, no way was I gonna stay and fish and make him watch me or just trade off one rod over and over. But alas, before I even knew what had happened, there was a trail consisting of his wallet, cell phone, shirt, shoes and socks on the ground all the way to the shore and he was swimming in current to retrieve the lost rod.  I thought it would be a fruitless effort,  but damn if he didn't surface in the current with his fishing pole and then proceed to skunk me on fish caught!!!  He earned those fish he caught today hardcore like!
Below are my Mom (Sandy), Dad (Stan), and my Sister (Erin) along with myself (Chris).  The photographer was Trenton, my nephew, who btw caught a nice lil' sand shark on our trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Good times!  Love