This is one of my biggest so far this year.  But there are many bigger ones making their way upriver soon.
All along the banks of the Congaree are great views of nature juxtaposed with old architecture.

       This spring has quickly become one of my best seasons of fishing in a long time.  Along the Congaree River around May (Mother's Day is the when it really heats up) the striped bass population start making an upriver voyage to mate.  The little ones come first and the longer you go fish them, you'll notice that for a month or two the bigger ones start coming up the river as well.  They fight hard on the line and they are just beautiful.  I always release them. 
      I have tried to consistently be out there day after day, and it has paid off.  I have fought some real lunkers.  I HAVE had days where I get nothing but a nibble, but just being out there in the S.C. woods is prize enough.   
     We, The Fishing Journal band, have had an excellent first year or so at this crazy endeavor.  We averaged a show a month, put out a vinyl EP, started recording for another one, and even gotten some national press!

                                 Keep on listenin' and fishin' y'all.   xoxo  Chris Powell  of  The Fishing Journal
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